Monday, April 16, 2007

Single, Brackets Again Brackets.

That's right, I'm single again...Ladies you may offer yourselves unto me in the comments!

Flo and I celebrated by spending the day eating grapes (or 'bape' as she calls them), buying shoes (a pair of sandals and some standard shoes), visiting 'doats', 'ship', 'pik', 'duck-gak-gak', 'hoss' (it's actually a cow, but she seems a bit undecided if it's a 'boon' (cow) or a 'hoss') and 'mat' (I'm pretty certain that's a seems to be applied to any rabbit-sized furry creature).

Our post-prandial jaunt to the park...9am and coat was almost optional!

Bumped into Rosie ('mummy' natch), Ian ('Eeee') and Teh Ezmalator ('Ez') in Mo'care (as it should be called), which seemed to phase Flo less than the fact that I wouldn't let her run away to look at 'a man'....I'll be buggered if I could figure out who or where this 'man' was, but not even 'tuddle' (turtle...a plastic bath toy she insisted came in the buggy with her?!?) would stop the crying and yelling. It was only when the assistant turned up with a pair of shoes that she calmed down. Women...heh!

Making a break for the 'pidge'

I also took B055man up on his recommendation to watch "Heroes"'s great! Which means I have something to replace my Battlestar addiction....oh noes!

Oh yea...Flo and I have also been playing pooh-sticks on the 'pidge' (bridge) in the park...Teh Chile is water-mad...not least when stalking me round the flat holding an empty plastic beaker and demanding 'wa-teeeer, waaaa-teeer' in a plaintive whine, and her having just drunk a load of juice and chucked a few litres of water down herself as well.

Flo pointing at a snogging couple cuddling on a 'panket' (blanket)....I left them out of shot and chose the safe 'piddin' (pigeon) option.



tek said...

Sorry to hear about that fella! Hope it wasn't a nasty ending! :(

guri / benguri said...

cheers mate. never nice but at least mutual...and confirmation i'm relationship-phobic I think.

good to see you and through!

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