Sunday, April 22, 2007


We had an action packed day today...When Lil and I weren't doing The Reggae March and generally grooving out to Jonny Greenwood Is The Controller we were wandering round Crunny Broadmead (TM Buck) looking for 'bargains' (by which I mean I wandered around; Lil ate blueberries (which she amusingly calls 'voobies') and pointed at things...we bought a pair of socks. For 50p), or we were feeding goats and generally having a laugh at the farm (I've pointed out to Lil that kicking a sleeping pig is unacceptable behaviour...even if all it does is grunt quietly and twitch an ear), or we were playing in the park.

Weh da dotes?

Or eating. Or napping...

Or swinging!

Busy bees!

The only mildly distressing point of the day was a goat attempting to eat her hair. Oh, and Flo shouting "Cock Daddy Cock!" repeatedly while in the queue at the shop...*

*FYI Cock is what she calls chocolate. For one blissful moment she said 'poclit'...then back to the 'cock' dammit!

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