Monday, April 16, 2007

Fuck You Bill Gates!

OK. Granted...I'm sure he's not personally to blame, but Windows sure does suck as an OS.

Oooh la-de-da hark at the Linux/Mac fanboy larfing it up with his geeky "I know all about computers me" attitude and many, many nights weeping over obscure configuration files and not even able to play 'proper' games like Far Cry and WoW!!

Well, fuck you too!

I have to use Windows for work (though I'm planning a workaround of sorts....more on this later maybe). It pains me dearly to know that I'm struggling to get my supposedly OK-spec, supposedly 900-notes-plus laptop to do something mundane like move an email from one folder to another while at the same time (on another monitor) displaying a couple of webpages, a document or two and a project timeline...much of this is probably down to the shiteness of MobilePhoneOperatorInsertedHere's ability to manage its own IT systems...but the blame lies equally in the laps (heaven forfend) of Teh Windoze D00dz!

My 'half-the-spec' 300 quid laptop running Ubuntu Feisty is shitting on it! Right on it!!!

People ask me what I do. I've stopped explaining, but when they learn that it involves 'computers' I inevitably get asked about Viruses and Trojans and BSOD...I have to admit that I don't know why, now, these things are causing gip. A few years ago yeah; I'd've (heh, apostrophe nightmare!) maybe known or been able to bungle through....Probably. I would have seen the advisory, or had the issue and found a fix....Nowadays?...Don't even get me started on the: "so, I have this 18 month contract...", "what's the best phone right now?"...or better yet: "Can you get me a phone for free?" questions.

I do (but have no need real need to) run a firewall. I do have (but have no real need for) advert & script blocking plugins. I run (to no real purpose) virus/trojan checkers...what's wasting your resources?

Oh yes, the point!

The point of this post is that:

- Using a Beta of Ubuntu Feisty I've migrated 2 people from Windows 2000/XP, with all their settings (wallpaper, My Documents, IM and email settings, bookmarks etc...) intact. TMWNN (the man with no name...he chose the nick) says 'Fuck that paying shit. This is mad!'
- I spent 12 hours upgrading 4 PCs while downloading new Heroes episodes and ripping such exciting DVDs as Andromeda Strain and Chorlton & The Wheelies...
- And burnt a CD about Tigers (or Tie-gull in lilspeak)
- Am now sitting on the sofa with wireless working on my cheapo laptop which is way more than my work laptop could do. Ever.
- Did I mention the restricted driver and codec detection?
- NTFS support I added a few days too late to get the (apparently) classic "Joo wanna muffin?" clip from a disk off T'Ex...

FTP and then Rosie are my next targets...Then M&D....Then Dunkle Doe...then...the world!!!


Skeddy said...

WoW sux. I'm a level 12 Paladin and don't need not fecking axe to get the job done.

I've got some cash coming, and I'm more than prepard to buy a £300 laptop and get Linux on it.

Vista sucks - my two year old audi card isn;t going to be supported, unless I install a thrid part driver and discover the card every time I boot. Sod that!

tek said...

Still a Debian (and Slack on one box) man myself, just can't break the habbit of 10+ years heh!

Been over a month since I needed to reboot the main box ( and that was for a RAM upgrade and Kernel patch - try that with a winblows box. :)

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