Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Great word that!

I've obviously had a week or so off the blog (some of that off work too). I'm not sorry if you missed me (which you didn't). Hoping M&D get their devonshire house, even though the people round there are a bit...well...odd. Had a few days holiday and a few days more to come...

Yes! Heat-sensitive water-proof LEDs FTW!

Blue = Cold (~40c) red =" Hot"

Over-engineered, but cool....and not wet!...and childproof!!!

Am on a mini-break back at work and it stinks! Half-day tomorrow and then out of the mire again thank Teh FSM.

She does love her grandad....

Tea tonight: Mashed Potatoes, Cod & Haddock with Parsley Sauce, Braised Leeks, and Broccoli

Lil, on the other hand is gorjoyce!

Lilstreamowords: PikDaddyPikPikPik_ShoesDaddy_Legs_Sock_Eyes (presses my eyeballs) OwDaddyEyesDaddy_Bork_BorkDoggie_Doll_Tiger?_Doe?_DoeInna?

Translation: Look dad! A pig on this cup you're holding. I'm wearing shoes...Daddy's wearing shoes. I have legs, as do you daddy...And socks...You have eyes daddy and they are 'fair game'. when I'm being cute, no?!...I'm bored, can we go to the park now? Got any tigers?...Where's Jungle Joe by the way?

Teh Chile's also apparently swapped morning naps for afternoon naps...maybe this is why she's also still not asleep this late!


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