Sunday, April 05, 2009

Standing In The Way Of Control

At one point today (towards the end, I hasten to add) I resorted to this:

"OK, this competition is 'The Whoever Stops Whining First Is The Winner Contest'".

Esmae, stopped whining immediately and so she (rightly) declared herself the winner...this caused Flo to whine at an increased level. Will I ever learn?

Earlier, Flo and I had an argument during breakfast that led to both of us storming our the room! We were like two teenage girls arguing over make-up...except this was whether she'd eat the Cheerios she'd asked for or whether I would supplement them with a yoghurt "right now" position is: she has porridge/cheerios, I have a coffee, then she has a yoghurt (or fruit).

We have, however, had a wonderful day and they should be well and truly tuckered out...especially as each of them has had 4 separate "stomach aches" at some point...yeah, right! Because apparently, "only ice-cream" (or sweets, or some other mildly illicit substance) would fix a "stomach ache".

The Monkeys (and Ian)...

What have you been touching?

Any minute now they want me to sniff their fingers...errr....

It's OK....we found some wild garlic....and dog shit. But they only picked the garlic.

Then ran....

Oh, and I saw my 1st hot air balloon of the year the other day...and pear blossom....also bees (which is good).

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