Monday, April 20, 2009


Fucking killer is frustration. Or maybe that sentence should read "frustration is a fucking killer". Wow (thanks wikipedia) I suspected frustration is an emotion. Obvious now I think of it....

Which is frustrating.

And though a wonderful word to roll off the tongue (go on, try it: fffffffrrrrrruuuuusssssttttrrraaaaaaaaaattttttiiing!) it's definitely not up there with my top 3 emotions. Happiness is, apparently, not an emotion....fuck you wikipedia!

As we all know "Love is a mental illness with no known cure". Or maybe an emotion...maybe both. Fuck it, it's all so frustrating.

Quite frustrating right now is the fact that I forgot where I was going with this post...

Oh yeh, it was this: I have this huge (and in my mind) awesome cock. post about why open source really matters; how it fosters creativity, produces a better product in the long-run and is "economically" viable....but I always feel like I'm repeating better written things by better informed people.

Maybe I will get round to finishing it one day.

Frustrating isn't it, life?

On the upside, M&D got themselves a blog. If you want to follow the birth of a wildflower meadow, conservatory building, and vegtables you could maybe pay them a visit. They don't swear (in public).

Oh and I got a new phone...

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