Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carnival Of Sorts

ZOMG, that title came to me from nowhere and makes me feel all content and slightly highbrow and whatnot....then I wrote the word "whatnot" and remembered I like watching American Chopper! And felt all lowbrow and shit....

And whatnot...I'll be here all week. Feel free to drop by! Boxcars...This was supposed to be about something else...oooohhh Ctrl-V!!


People are like plates; they often have patterns and can be more delicate than they look. Sometimes they break. You can wash them....If they're of the same ilk they stack nicely.

There are two children finally asleep upstairs. We tried stacking like plates, but in the end they each needed their own cupboard to sleep in.

Esmae now gets to sleep diagonally across my bed and Flo gets a cat on the end of hers.

I get the sofa.

Does this sound like complaining? It shouldn't...I love this kind of shit! Especially when I know I'm back at work next week and my trip to Slovakia is postponed (almost) a month :)

Here are some pictures for you...

Semi-nude toddler wrestling! SNTW09....The THUNDERCLASH!!

The pre-match build-up was fuelled by cabbage soup & cider!!!

Or apple juice.

I was too busy herding or identifying shrimp vs dragonfly larvae to take pictures in the park. I think we invented a game though: "What am I pointing at?"

Sometimes plates break...but with some sideplates to copy from....I dunno I went off into some Antiques Roadshow comparison between having wonderful children, a not-quite complete dinner service...THEY MADE ME SMOKE IT!!!!

Someone once told someone I was "a brick". Well, a brick is no good without decent mortar. And I know a good wall when I see one!


Now, to make a "duvet of cushions"....away!

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