Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Me and my sofa...

There are 2 children upstairs pretending to go to sleep...I can hear the rattling and the rustling.


I decided that being just about the only person in my team at work was not enough responsibility this week and so offered to have the double-child experience this be honest, I'm testing my GTD abilities, plus they're a fucking hoot most of the time.

I'm not joking about the GTD thing either. I've long been a list-maker but not so much a do-er of those things on "the list". But with some application, not applications, it's amazing what you can get all I need to do is get some hard-wearing gloss to paint the stairs after deciding to GTF* rid of the carpet on the stairs (I had been at the pub ;)

Playing nicely....

"Fuck you, dad! I will not enjoy this bath!!!"

How d'yas like them apples?

Right then, GTA Chinatown Wars!

*Get The Fuck (tm)


Skeddy said...

Carol &I had a jolly good giggle at the second photo.

Classic that you need to preserve for her 18th Birthday!

guri / benguri said...

It's the eyelashes that get me...

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