Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am no critic...

Right, I might be a bit biased about this. Personally, I don't think so...seriously, they're genius!!!!

I am stunned. Seen 'em 'em...EP? great...this, this, this is wonderful!!

1 - Apple Crack : Classic Babel sound...Country/Folk/Blues with a joyously crisp feel.
2 -Never Had The Heart : ZOMFG. I have no words....5 stars!
3 - End Of The Line : A rest...Such a beautiful song...ephemeral backing to
4 - Hand Me Down : In my opinion, this song's lyrics can only be truly appreciated by a parent. The electric guitar is sublime; pure Gram Parsons....wonderful!
5 - Police Car : I started crying after the second line and laughed, wept, and enjoyed myself for the whole 4 minutes...
6 - Cellophane, Jam or the Line : Why does the intro remind me of something from he 80's TV?......I'm joking of course, the songwriting/orchestration on this is fucking stellar
7 - Make Your Bed : Finally! The best song in the HAVE to see this live!!
8 - Repeat to Fade : Twangy. Funking with a slide guitar is always a good idea IMHO. For some reason I find this a bit of a dark one. Gorgeous strings and harmonies again.
9 - Seachange : the whistles....and the xylophone...has one of my fave build ups...where the hell did all that clapping come from?
10 - Trinity Thugs : I think I heard him say: "Dirty little bastard cunt"...regardless. The best song on the album (unless i said that which case it's still the best)
11 - Piece Of Me : I thought it was PJ Harvey, and then it softly kicked me in the wrongfoot me again fucking wonderful bastards!!! sounds like AC/DC learnt about Led Zep but got stoned with Dylan and The Merry Pranksters out in the mojare!
12 - Rubbernecking : I would go gay for this...seriously.
13 - Hard to Love You : Is this the same chords/progression as song 1? Regardless...I thought this was suddenly Gram is a wonderful "goodbye" song...wicked fucking solo!

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