Sunday, April 26, 2009

If in doubt...

...ask the pilchards! This is something Rosie made me, and they always help me when I am feeling conflicted, down or doubtful. I ponder a question in their general direction and then choose a scroll...last night they sorted me right out (which, in itself, is fucking ironic).

Fear them! They are spookily good at sorting out your head, or indeed your life...

There's no point wanting something you just can't have, they suggested. Too right.

So. After a night of the strangest dreams Flo and I decided today would be a good day to go to the zoo. We were (of course) right.

Waiting for the Zoo Train....

"I like this structure...but...what are they doing over there, dad?"


Flo wanted them to bite her hand for some reason...

Walk into the light my child!

We had a picnic on the grass and Flo treated about 50 people to an impromptu rendition of The Lion King ballet (toddler-style, slight return) once the music came over the P.A.

The monkey has just taken a swipe at the glass where a child was eating an apple...

And I forgot to post this the yesterday. Despite the seriousness of the expression she was very proud of the "bed with blanket and a guy in it"....not so sure about the wigwam thing though.


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