Thursday, March 26, 2009

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So. I've done something a bit ostentatious. Nothing major...but y'know between the taxman, the govarmentals, doomsayers, naysayers, yaysayers and the fact that the TV I bought on the cheap a couple of years ago has no decent inputs (other than SCART), weighs a solid metric ton, and thus is both harshing my eyes when using it as a "desktop monitor" and requires a "box o' tricks" adapter to work with the-mac (which is my media machine), Bro is off to Sumatra and is lending me his Wii...wait....there's a justification in there somewhere.

I bought a new the-mac gets DVI->HDMI (yay...HD!), the Wii can have whatever it wants, it's got built in freeview (for what that's worth....they all have them these days apparently), it's bigger (32 of her majesties inches), and not made by Tesco. I think it weighs 1/4 of the current dude.

Also, I fucking love re-arranging all my wires and stuff. I'm an optimisation freak...this is going to be my most exciting Friday night for a while!!...the-mac, amp, tv, usb things, audio'll be very minimal compared to now.

[mum, close your eyes...]

Even with my 32 Gig-I-FUCKING-POD!*

[ok, open them]

I might even post an "un-boxing".

You lucky, lucky people!

* Sorry for the swearing mum (i'm very excited)...

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