Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ask No Questions...


Running-jump over the small wall with a 6 foot drop on the other side...

"9...Where have you gone dad?"

"Back in a moment, keep counting!"...Sprint in an arc over loose gravel towards likely looking leg-up...


Smash various pieces of brittle wood while vaulting the fence..."Noth..."

"Se...What's that noise?...Ven!"

"...thing"...Land atop compost bin and parachute roll across the 'lawn'


Sprint through house avoiding leg-winding cat....nearly there.

"5....Oh Hi!"

Open door to bemused looking neighbour getting out of car and Flo licking a lollipop.

"This is my dad. He's a good burglar!"

"Sorry...keys...fence...ok now....come on Flo that's looking, erm...drippy."


Today I locked us out of the house, typical "just pop to the shop, moshi'll look after things" job, and it being a gorgeous day none of the neighbours were in to ask permission to hop over a fence or wall (there are 3 options). With everyone out, there was only the one: big fence, overgrown garden, big fence...Anyway, here's some other shit we did today. Packing and planning for me, then Paris and then maybe some maybe news. Maybe.*

Happy Mother's Day you Mothers!

In reverse order....

"I'll make myself a bed here dad....but I need all the cushions!"

I swear I'm beginning to think terrible thoughs when I hear "Dad I am hungry" in a whiny voice 10 minutes after any food of any description...


Today she managed to get to the top completely on her own. She watched a slightly older girl do it...copied...and then shouted "That girl teached me how dad!"...I'm very proud.

They won't see me down here

Yay for urban greenspace...nay for dumped footstool thing....

She did much running and jumping today...not all of it new shoes, but some of it. Hence, blisters and about 4 different types of footwear today.


I said...RUN!

A view.

*Don't get excited, it's nothing of note.

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