Friday, March 27, 2009

Dear Lloyds TSB

Fuck you, you fucking money grabbing cunts. Not only are you fucking incompetent you can't for the fucking life of you manage to realise where the fuck I am. I want to withdraw money in a foreign land: Give me it! I want to spend more than £500 in one transaction without you phoning me up and asking if I'm a ginger-haired fuckwit! Fuck you! It's MINE!!!!

Most of all I would like a pizza.

Now stop fucking with my money, stop pretending that you need my retinal imprint and allow me to purchase some thin-crust awesomeness.



Skeddy said...

Could have been worse . . . . waiter could have come out with a spatular, KY and rubber glove!

But yes, I concur - all banks are cunts.

As seen in Quantum Of Solace.

guri / benguri said...

i have no idea why this post has a "star wars" label ;)

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