Saturday, March 21, 2009

O Hai!

Just a quickie....there's a reason the below is from YouTube (or should be, updating right now) can do overdubbing...and I was too lazy to figure out the command for ffmpeg to do it (well, I knew the command but was getting a bit confused with bit-rate switches for the mp3).

In hindsight, I'm truly truly sorry for the selection....but it was the 1st in the list, was 41 seconds long, and the video 39....synchronicity. To cheesy "music".

Probably lash up a few pictures tomorrow, but with luck there'll be some "live blogging" from Gaytown next week....followed by....some "news" (or maybe not).

1 comment:

skeddy said...

Needs a focus blur effect around Flo, with the arora (sp?) in high satuation.

Not that I know anything . . . .

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