Sunday, March 08, 2009

What time is it?

Remember them? They were the 3rd thing in my head this morning. The first was "Holy Fuck, what in the name of Feynman?", the second was "That sounded like someone falling on the floor" and the third was the one that started that song spinning in my bonce.

It was 4:30!

Last night Flo and Es stayed. Flo seemed really under the weather, to the extent of neither wanting dinner nor pudding, which is unheard of! Pudding is always an option in her opinion...and after a bath and reading a book in my bed, Flo decided she was too tired and sad to go to her own bed, so she would sleep in mine with Es.

Amazingly they were asleep 30 mins later and I thought I was golden.

No. 4:30 in the A of the M! That's when they decided it was morning...

So I read them the riot act: "it's still the middle of the night, you cannot have any snacks until morning time, and that is not now. Nor is it soon. Please go back to sleep now!"

At least that's what I think I said. What I probably said was: "Fnnng, Mah. Num gubba spuybs srdggeiq!".

They let me alone until 5:30, at which point I realised I was done for and just got on with porridge and The Day.

I was finally saved (at 9:30 as arranged, but boy did it feel like mid-day) by Ian, who took us off for (our) 3rd Breakfast...We then attempted to meet Baboo and head for Severn "Beach" (note quote requires them!), but due to rain and the opportune availability of an exit back off the motorway we ended up back at Baboo's house.

Where we watched "The Waterhorse"....It was OK, but then when you've sat through some of the shit I have (remake of "Stig of the Dump"? Shite!).....However, after about an hour Flo decided she was the waterhorse and basically crawled around the floor, on our legs, laps, etc growling occasionally. Rain also curtailed our trip to the farm but by that time it was worth taking the kids home to tidy up their mess, bounce on the trampoline with some balloons, (attempt to) treat Moshi like a baby human child (no chance) and generally whine a bit....

For your enjoyment, I now switch from text to image....

You have 6 hours left until we fuck you up!

But when we do....we'll be too fucking cute for you to care (much)

And we'll even share our sunglasses!

And then we will sleep on your left shoulder

And your right!

But you cannot sleep. Because your arms and shoulders are in an unnatural position so that we remain comfortable....I don't know, do you think I should start caring less?

Do we look like "The Godfather"?

How d'ya like them grape cheeks?!

There now follows one of my favourite videos ever....TMBG, dancing, bouncing on the sofa, high-fiving, and some weird pixel-tearing/blur due to the energy!

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