Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No news... good news, as they say. And after the few hints, I have no news....which is cool.

I'm in-de-fucking-structible!

I will, however, be making an appointment with a plastic surgeon (I think we are supposed to call them "cosmetic surgeons", if anything at all) in a couple of months. He said, "You should shave before you come...[grin] or we can shave you on the day"...I said I'd shave....

Might get some tits while I'm there. Something perky for the summer!

Anyway. Paris trip was actually rather better than usual. Flights not too bad, hotel was OK, shit breakfast but well located, and the weather was sunny for the "easy" day and freeeezing on the "busy", luckily we were in a massive, overly hot, windowless room most of day 2...Typical industrialised (e.g. decommissioned telephone exchange from the 70s repurposed very badly) office and meeting room, but a constructive and efficient meeting (as efficient as the french get, even when goaded by my fearsome anger-rod of iron!). Late back last night though...and I was pretty mcuh forced to eat at McDonalds in CDG airport (please....please, don't ask how/why).


Moshi has been very pleased to see me back...and Flo too, by all accounts

"It's like a bubble car dad!"

"But Glimmer doesn't have this kind of dress!!!"

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