Monday, October 13, 2008

The Game

Ahahha. Hahahaha. Nerd.

OK. You didn't get that joke. Probably. Unless you are Tek (did you get it?). Maybe...

I have been told to tell the internet (and only a fool thinks "the internet" reads my blog. Foolz! :) about "The Game".

I started this post a while ago...and I believe this is either "coaching" or "grooming" in terms of blogging.

The Game*, is a game I play with Flo. And in my head...with myself. It's like onanism, but with no touching...Wait, did I just mention touching myself and my daughter in the same paragraph? This is all sounding so wrong...

Psychologists and other people, the latter generally more intelligent than me, probably invented this game. But for now, it is my game.

We have 2 subjects/players: A and B.
A: Food to eat?
B: Bacon
A: Eggs
B: Cabbage

e.g. Word association games....if you say something that doesn't fit the category the person who chose it gets to change it.
A: Popcorn
B: Macdonalds
A: Rivers of The World!
A: Amazon
B: ebay
A: Fail!

When I play on my own, it's:
A: OMA Management Objects and their publication status?
A: And?
B: Agh you fuck!
A: And?
B: I fucking hate you!

Then, also...
A: Every Queen album in chronological order?
B: Queen, Queen II, Night at the Opera or maybe Day at the races....or that other one.
A: Haha ha. Wait...

But you can also awesome it up:
Me (after 15 minutes of "animals on a farm", "things i can see with my eyes", etc and so much traffic-noise neither of us can hear, seeing a sign for some kind of cinammon donut snack thing): Simian Bums?
Flo: Monkeys bottom.
Me: Pardon?
Me: Flo?
Flo: You mustn't say "bum". Not in this area. [indicates path, road, M32...sits on hands and pretends to go to sleep]
Me: What should I say Flo? Flo? Flo?
Flo: Parts of monkeys.
Me: [?..]
Flo: I can see a pollution!

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