Thursday, October 16, 2008

I am...

In the process of getting my now sub-40-second booting awesomized AAObuntu netbook (acer thing) to talk nicely with the currently slightly-bricked phone (which will be truly usable as a phone _with features_ day,srsly).

Angry about my boiler being iffy...I have to keep bleeding the entire system.

Busy being "the paperboy" at work (basically, I ask somebody to fill out a form, add the projecty bits and check the techie bits, send that to someone else (copying in about 100 people) who also checks it, sends it back (and hopefully valid!) Then I send it to someone else, who sends it someone else (and hopefully returns me a "we have it" from them), who magically tells someone (who I was talking to originally and knows what is going to happen and to be honest doesn't even need to be the one doing the work because we've already told them how...and...wait...) that they have to do something [passim]...Anyway, 2 weeks later something gets done. Awesome!

Now running late for FOUND @ the 'fini.



Skeddy said...

Using Ubuntu 8.10 on my other drive, and found some speed tips here:

Now, I'm no geek, but I'm sure mines running a tad faster already.

guri / benguri said...

Heh. I'm running a custom 8.04.1 kernel (so essentially 8.10) and this acer has an SSD.

I'm following these instructions (and being very very careful!)

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