Monday, October 20, 2008

Meme Me

I love memes...I also hate the fucking things beyond belief...I might have to keep this rant for later!

There's been the "stuff on my cat" meme.

There's been the "stuff my dog can balance" meme.

O I can has cheez etc but, has there ever been..."cat on my stuff"?

I zapped mosh with some (very very effective) antiparasitic (ain't that a word?) and after the 2 hours it took to "forgive" me (stupid cat) she came back, climbed on my back (and tried to make a bed) and then decided the TV was better. To be clear...the cat sat on my back (so I had to stoop) instead of my lap...and stayed there while I walked around the house (stooped over like a hunchbacked old lady).

The static discharge when I turn the box on or off does not seem to make her do much else than apparently double in size...she looks confused when I do though..

Stupid cat.

If you haven't, read anything you can find by this dude.

And then think about things for yourself!

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