Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pie Finger

I am well busy at the moment. Well busy. My fingers are in a few pies. Some of which are hot, others cold.

Moshi is asleep on the end of Flo's bed. Who in turn is sprawled recklessly on her back, snoring with the quiet childsnore, seemingly overwhelmed by her duvet.

I saw a dead (and very bloated) cat the other day! At first I thought it was a discarded stuffed animal but as the smell impinged on my nostrils, I realised that (what I had just decided might only be a very very fat very sleepy cat) was actually a totally dead, stomach-gas filled, dead cat. On the pavement.

Mind you, at the time, I was walking through what seemed like a cross between a layby, a truck-drivers pissoir, a whorehouse and the main route into town (Lyon).

Awesome. Work trips, eh?

I got so hacked off with kernel/module hacking I've gone back to the Linpus install on AAO. But I'm using it as an opportunity to write a custom "post-install script" (something like Automatix was for Ubuntu)...and a chance to mess with 8.10 (and as I speak, right now, a debian build!) as a USB thumbdrive boot.

Must dash. I want to stuff some spinach with quinoa before bed.

Fucking hippy.

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