Saturday, April 01, 2006

Babies + Trains = OK!

As you can see my desk is a bit cluttered....still not got round to putting up the new uber-desk...

Anyway...those are bits scavenged together for Lil's Robot! The current plan involves a snazzy light up cyclops eye, record and playback 2-3 seconds of sound with big push buttons...i might even get round to installing a spinning thing somewhere...

There's also a PIR and a couple of camera lenses from the "Stealth Cam" project...which seems to have ZSL in something of a tizzy!

We took the train up to Clifton this morning for a quick coffee and to show Lil off to anyone that might be in today we met Meesh, Super Al, Wierd Old Man, and Barny...might do the same next Sunday. No train though, so super-buggy it will be!

...unfortunately neither Uncle BuK nor Teh Berber managed to get up in time. But Lil seemed to enjoy it all nonetheless. First time on a train (I think...must ask R), and certainly the first time playing in a highchair with daddy & the magic cube. I even managed to sneak out for a quick smoke without her getting upset. Not a worry the whole morning! :)

Off to Gazatron & Lovely Kerry's engagement thinguh tonight....meeting up with Teh Ricola (both female and male) for a pie and a pint at the P&S before we all go to the do at 130.

Here is the lucky Tronmeister!

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elaine said...

Love the pictures of Lil. Elaine

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