Friday, April 21, 2006

I got Mac... Windows in my house, except those I use to look out of.

Wooo!!1!1!!!...I am mildly confused by the current 2 Monitors,2 Mice & 2 Keyboard thing...keep typing on the wrong thing...thats the Mini on the left, remote in front of it, Gumstix to the right (under the 19"monitor)...2 Mices...2 Phat phlat screens!!

Hey, thank the mo' for Apple hardware/Software though! I wont be leaving the house for weeks except for the essentials: work, food, air and sun....

I've yet to take a pic with the Craptop added to the mix! It usually sits on myleft...

Look at that mini Mac! (mini Linux machine also to an old-skool Valve!)

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