Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thiiiis oooonnneeesss ffffoooorrr Jjjjaaaaaaaahhhhn!!!

Sung in a high-pitched ghey voice.

Your 'Mr Piss' Bleep Odeo was funny but wrong. I cannot 'syndicate' (that is the word you were looking for) such a feed....I have however added it to my Bloglines in that whole Web 2.0, "let's share" kinda way.

Hopefully I'll be arsed enough tomorrow to post some pics of Lil; not sure what we're up to tomorrow...depends on the weather really.

BTW Buckle, your car still rules the roadz!

Just that I rule the I [dot] T [dot] Sh1zzle!!!1!1!!

Oh noes, the Mac is amazing and my other PC is still Linux and all are happily talking to each other...if only I can get Frontrow to use DivX/XVid AVI I'm a laffing!


1 comment:

dd said... was looks like kak.

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