Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mistakes make learn

I got home from work and decided it would be nice to cycle to the nearby station, grab a train up "The Posh Bit" and have a couple of pints with a few mates...On the way to aforementioned station I bumped into an ex-girlfriend. Turns out, she's now married to a Nigerian and trying to import him....from what I remember, that is THE biggest "fuck you" she could ever giver her mum.

Anyway. So a train pulls into the station and I duly board it with "Da Sikness", I'm too engrossed in Ian McDonald to look out the window, but as we are about to pull into the station I realise I am not in Kansas any more...oh no. I have got a train that pretty much takes me back to work.


Well, at least I went with the bike option. I duly decide to follow people on cycle paths....It turns out to be a relatively decent ride! I overtook several fatties on mountain bikes, though I'll freely admit that the relatively small rise before the insane drop down into The 'Hood was a royal pain in the arse.

I would not like to try it on Mrs Apron.

I should have started CardioTrainer on the G2, but going by the call log (17:20 - The Berber : "Oh shit I got the wrong train") and looking for my keys once home (17:37 on the phone), I think that is fucking impressive.

Not the fact I did the journey in 17 minutes, but that there is a journey whereby I could get home from work in about 40 minutes!

On the other hand, the journey to work in the morning would be almost all uphill, though generally shallow, I fear it like a bitch.

That said, someone brought a bike on the work bus this morning. And if they can do that with a 21 speed MTB then I feel more than justified doing the same with a fixie (though not with Mrs Apron, that shit's too pimped!)

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