Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bicycle Formerly Known As Sikness

Needs a different name.

I rode up to (OK, I rode halfway up and then did 1 stop on the train) "The Posh Bit" and back today after work and somehow I am not dead! Not due to traffic (that, I am managing) but because I have assumed that a fixie is all work, and no wrong I was. Hills are a bitch, there's no denying, but they end eventually and when they can go back down fast as fuck!

I am planning on cycling to work tomorrow. Unless there's major rainage, I will assume my normal routine, but instead of walking to the bus...I will ride:


1 comment:

Skeddy said...

Yeah, you really don't need to announce that you've been out for a ride on "The Steed".

The RSPCA will soooo be giving you some hassle.

How about calling it "The Legend"?

Failing that, how about "Das Cooler"?

(As in Steve McQueen . . . . but not stating that you're out for a ride on the McQueen . . .)

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