Monday, June 22, 2009


  • PSU & Mobo loaded into chassis and wired up : Check!
  • CD/RW & DVD/RW packed with requisite cables : Check!
  • Possibly broken graphics card + cables packed : Check!
  • Extraneous cables of power and connectivity packed : Check!
  • WiFi card, Bluetooth dongley-thing, LiveCD packed : Check!
  • Notes on what to talk about or "an agenda" : Fuck that!
  • Oh yeah, 2 or 3 hard-drives of dubious provenance & functionality : Check!
  • Anti-static wrist straps : ppffffhh...Check!
  • Ooh, wait....RAM!!! Yep, couple of sticks of 512Mb and a 1Gb : Check!
Additionally, I had an early offer of a completely working AMD 1.1Ghz based system with a monitor (CRT, but...meh...), which should be there for the evening and will be taken away (by me) to be tarted up for round 2: "Who Needs Micro$oft?...or Apple?".

The plan (such as I have one) is to complete putting all my bits in my chassis and booting to LiveCD (Jackalope FTW!)...the plan has contingency, in that it may just degenerate into poking around at "bits" until it's all broken and I boot the donated system to rapturous applause.

Ironically it seems the best way to get a "free PC" is to ask or (as I did) answer "yeah, I know how to do that" when asked "can you build a PC for free?". Sunday morning I woke up (voluntarily at 5am I'll have you know!) to 1 email offering enough parts for about 6 computers and another of 6 WHOLE PCs with "some" RAM extra....jeebuz!

In addition to all this charitable hoohaw, I've been tweaking/implementing further whatsits with Dr Roboto...seriously, I've rarely been so captivated by a project and enamoured with a simple cardboard box. I will post some work-in-progress photos soon, but for the moment it's all pretty much mocked up with tape etc, though Flo does love trying it on and using the voice-changer. I have solved the "keeping it on the head" and "fuck me, it's gonna be hot in here" problems (in theory so far) with judicious use of second-hand camping equipment and some hardware from the local asian supermarket.

Which reminds me...forgot this photo yesterday...

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