Sunday, January 07, 2007


I realise it's been a while since I last posted, but I only apologise a little bit because I've been a bit busy with life.

Speaking of lives, a bloke got shot round the corner from me last night (don't be surprised, it seems to happen about 4 or 5 times a year). A nice policeman kindly re-directed me and Flo the long way round because a whole chunk of St Pauls was cordoned off. Well, I say nice...I'm sure he is, but shouting "Oi, you can't go down there" is probably not as polite as "Excuse me, sir this area is cordoned off"...Anyway.

Flo's a-napping and so I thought I'd take the opportunity to give you the ol' bullet point summary and a photo or two.

  • Work = getting back into the swing of things....escalating stuff
  • Flo = very cute with the whole jumping thing. Latest words are: Hat, Hot, Gone and shouting Dad at me.
  • *Clears Throat* = {insert smiley face here} and blushes.
  • Flat = leak free and fire-alarmed!

Raoul says the tiger!

That is all.

I don't do anything else...boring, huh?

Sorry 'bout the red-eye!

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tek said...

Alrighty mate. Sorry I've not got back to you by email. You don't need a pass for my site anymore. Just slap your name in and do the letter verification and you're sorted.

Take it easy! :o)

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