Saturday, January 13, 2007


Got the new Gruff Rhys album,'s ace! Gave Missman the cardboard candylion model it came with. She's good at that putting things together stuff so it seemed appropriate.

Bristol's hilly. I sometimes forget quite how hilly...except when walking up the buggers.


Teh Byottifarl Chile and I are both super-tired. She went to bed at 6:30, it's 8ish now and I'm not far behind her.

Last night I displayed my ginger-strength for Missman by accidentally (ha!) ripping a door off the wall, played someone else's guitar which I praised & cursed at the same time and then made 'sex noise' in my sleep...I contend I was dreaming of the iPhone!

Today I mostly got caffeinated then got ripped off here (don't believe a word of it) with Missman and bought what looks like a great book from a Charidee Shop for £6 . Bargain!

Flotos for you....I sleep now!

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EMAP Publishing said...

Coincidentalisation..I was also in Boston Tea Party today, at the hour of approximately the 2:30 hour, about. I was seated in the upstair area, which was "air"kay, I was "there", I "hair"d you were too? I had a "care"p of tea. It was too warm "there". I left, using the "stair"*

I bought a BOOK also, however not the same BOOK of the BOOK which was the BOOK which you bought. Mine was a non-fiction work, in that it was simply a NOTEbook.

*more than one stair was used.

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