Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When Chores Attack!

I can't really be arsed. It's late, blogger was down when I had some meagre energy to post, subsequently I have watched several episodes of Nathan Barley which Missman dropped round last night on a surreptitious visit after I'd been round Gaz and Ceri's (gettin' hitched-tastic) for a super sausage 'n' mash session. That boy knows his gravy and loves his music...or both!

Neil mentioned this...but I've been making loads of these...

Reason I'm finally posting so late anyway is that I got Missman on my mind and can't sleep. Damn women get in your head!

Lil's got the mini-baby-snore thing going on which isn't helping...And I'm humming a million songs thanks to Gazatron and the wonderful CD I got 'in the post'.

Gotta sort out the red-eye thing...that was our dinner: Fishcake, Rice, Leeks n Carrots, Cabbage...the sheeps eye looking thing on my plate is a pickled onion...she no like.

Tired...may sleep on the sofa (again).

Get ready for Random Post February cos it looks like I'll be all over the shizzle...


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