Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Mrs Apron" the name Flo has decided upon for my bike. In fact, OUR bike! It has a seat for me and one for Flo (which collapses into a handy rear platform) and a saddle and a loud as hell bell...

All bikes need a name, especially one such as this. With a name comes a helm!

I bought her a helm today. A helm is necessary apparently.

Necessary for all things!

But fuck me was it a killer (even keeping to the relative flat) with a basket full of groceries and a backseat full of Flo. That said, when you "get a coast on" it's fucking's a perfect bike for me: a pain in ass to get going but when you do, just cruise...and DO NOT STOP*!

*until at destination**
**or large hill***
***large = not horizontal

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