Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have a mysterious but oh so painful pain that seems to originate in either my left buttock or somewhere between the back of my left thigh in the top 3rd...Suggested causes so far (inc. sources):

- You must have slept in an odd position (device bloke R from work)
- Gout (Teh Boss...The Ricola (f) once posited this for a big toe pain....i had, however, stubbed that fucker good!)
- Arthritis (google, and probably my mum)

Came on randomly this morning (to add to my lungs which feel like they're full of water)....Personally, and only because walking with my messenger bag exacerbates the pain, I blame my brother and/or the messenger bag (he bought me).

No Flo news this week; they're on holiday.

1 comment:

Skeddy said...

Pain in the arse, not sure when/how you got it . . . .

The Rolhypnol (tm) faries strike again ;-)

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