Friday, May 29, 2009


Things I have learnt about riding a fixed-wheel bicycle in Bristol.

  • Prepare for pain
  • You need to look/plan ahead
  • Keep pedalling!
  • Don't bother with anything more than 1:3 will die
  • Braking is weird. Practice!
  • Putting a retro childseat on the back adds a kilo to the bike
  • Flo will whoop from the moment you start pedalling
  • She also sings me songs while I cycle...
  • Adding a Flo to the bike makes it even more unwieldy
  • Keep pedalling!
  •'s all about pace. Basically, once you start don't stop. Slow down, sure!
  • Make absolutely certain no laces, sock, trouser-cuff or other loose items can possibly get caught in the will die
  • If you get a bright orange, chopper-handled fixie with a childseat from the 80s containing a whooping, singing ~4year old....people will point and stare...
Tomorrow we are going to attempt a trip to town....

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