Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Fuck. I've just spent 30 minutes trying to draw a plot of my journey today but the length of the day (Romania = GMT+2, so I was awake at 5am UK time (in Romania), but went to bed at 11 Romanian! Hardcore! ;), a crazy Romanian taxi driver, a 3 hour plane ride, the timezone change, the (easy) trip back from Heathrow, and typing this sentence have completely ruined me....also 4 scrotes (Romanian Lei, to you) = 1 english pound....and 1 pint = 6 do the maths...


PS. Only saw 4 gypsies....met a man called Katie, who reports to someone Dogrescu (ahahahahaaahaaa!)



Skeddy said...

I used to use the term "scrote" to describe the young annoying b*tard kids near my mums.

guri / benguri said...

I used it in the same way. In fact, a teacher (geography/PE, which says a lot) once called me a "horrible little scrote"...but then, he seemed to enjoy giving me "6 of the best" with a leather moccasin in front of half the school...


I have adopted the word scrote as any currency outside of her majesties british pound, the devil's own dollar, the euro (boosh!!!)...everyone knows that the true currency/value indicator is the McDonalds BigMac.

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