Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Yes, it's been a while

...and will be a while more. 28 hours of conference calls scheduled this week...really tight deadlines...and determintation to get a my PC just how I want it without Microsoft involved means I'm either too busy or too broken to update.

Also, managed to electrocute myself (only minor...330V)...twice...and inhaled so much flux smoke I lost my voice (bad soldering techniques....I'm practicing) at the weekend.Then spent an hour or two driving to&fro and loading this&that for a few hours on Sunday with Bucklejay.

Before I forget the main reason for this post was this scary link, which I stumbled across today...for other of my links you can go to my del.icio.us stuff (not updated regularly) or my digg things (I digg most days). Plus, MAKE is always worth a check for mad things...

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