Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ultimate Sweetness

OK, so today's "headline" is taken from another very fun 'blog' (I started visiting the site regularly before I ever heard the word 'blog'). You should check it out here.

Not much to say today other than my sleep patterns are all over the shop (like 2-3 hour naps all the time, very odd), and that no, I have not bought a new sofa. Merely a new throw, which is actually a thin double duvet (30 notes from a shop nearby).

Me and Lil had a nice morning playing around at mine, then after a bit of grumbling while I got her into the new cardigan we were off in the uber-high-tech-baby-harness-frontpack-backpack that I've never used but turned out to be as comfy as claimed, and nowhere near as painful as the sling which goes over only one shoulder. Only problem was getting her out....I needed R to help as it is so safe. Lil had a kip after a visit to the farm, so I nipped to Tesco & Mothercare (my god this is boring isn't it?) bought a few things for "us" (OK a paint roller and a hat for me, a couple of books for about cats, one about dogs).

Hmmm. Seems I had more to say than I thought. But not much.

Check out thys linke, this link and this link!

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Anonymous said...

2-3 hour naps all the time = LAZY?

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