Monday, March 20, 2006

And so...

...sorry about the poor quality of the videos below...that's because they're recorded off phonecams. Not such good quality with 3GP, but youTube lets them play on anything pretty much,so thumbs up from me. I might mess around with the size of the embeds, and post the link to another site that lets you download them into "normal" formats for free.

is it me, or is everything suddenly getting good on the net? Finally I'm seeing "secure", distributed, collaborative services (e.g. Digg,, the whole "social bookmarking" thing, plus RSS aggregators so you don't even need a browser as such, then VOIP, "swarming" (aka Torrents), AJAX & Ruby and that whole Web 2.0 thing!)...not to mention the fact that mobile access speeds are constantly creeping up (I have EDGE / UMTS / GPRS) off the laptop and the same off the phone. TheN Bluetooth for "personal area networking" (read: getting pix off my phone, sharing small video and music locally, as modem).

Oh. By the way, not only can you call/message me on Skype (ask me for contact details if you don't know them), you can also send me a "voicemail" from this site too! Just look for the "Send me an ODEO" (they had no nicer buttons) on the right hand side [down there somewhere]....then follow their all comes straight to me "somewhere", "wherever" that may be, even if I am "anywhere" other than home...heh, who says I waste bandwidth?


Crikey. My phone can read my email to me...I can find anything I was ever interested in, even if I'm not sure how I categorised it at the time, I have new ways of visualising the content of the things I am interested in (using "Tag Clouding" for example)...using my current setup, I have paid a total of about £16. That was for the cable connection (12.95) and some blank CDs. Yet, with the "plugged-in"-ness of what I have created I truly have a universal tool in front of me...and thats on £12.95 per month from now on for the connection (2Mbps).

Not that you always need to be on the net...I'm also building a"KiddieBox" computer and one for a neighbour with MS, who basically just needs a really easy to control interface (BIG mouse and a clever desktop (plus various plugins)'s a longshot).

Anyway, enough of the geek-love. I "punted" a railing with my finger today, which was already bad. Imagine stubbing your finger on a doorframe or something...ouch! To quote Rik from the Young Ones..."Eeeegh, it's gone all big!"....and kinda odd looking. Still it matches the "emo nail" I still have on the other hand (from the Xmas taxi door incident)...

Work still hardcore...trying to figure out what "eurovision" wants. As opposed to UK and France (it's somewhat like the EU I imagine....though I do not have translators...nor a big round room!).

Lil is apparently over the worst now, and R seems to be up and about, so I'll maybe post some pictures tomorrow night, though I have to do an early leave from work (for the doc) and then go see "teh byootifarl chile", then make sure my flat is respectable for the agency on Weds morning....they're going to sort my boiler and my fridge (yay!) but want to "look at the situation" the fridge is sh!t?!?!?! and the boiler occasioally decides to not "go" when I press "go"!...but then it mostly does...anyway

...Good Shighne!

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