Friday, September 07, 2007

I Dood It!

As the Flopsy One would say.

I bit the bullet (as Chidsy would say).

You twat (as Buck would reply).

You GEEK! (everybody else has said).

I bought one....oh yes I have. Strictly speaking, it's pre-ordered due to slightly more orders than they thought...But, I've entered sooperseekrit numbers, confirmed the deets and am afearing Customs Charges and delays due to too many other idiots.

The exchange rate is good right now though and let's face it, after all this time I should have a phone that I can hack the fuck out of!

I might fork-off (ooer) a blog with stuff on this, depends how good my skillz turn out to be...or whether I just bought an expensive "talking-point" paperweight (i.e. brick), and I just sheep along with people actually doing worthy things with it. Or shlep...I'm not sure.

I have plans though: Google's a target...all those lovely open API. Synch'd, editable documents publishable to the web Sir?....thanks! Google Maps overlays using the AGPS? Nice.

Lordy, there's a lot of core broken things in there which I am in no way qualified to submit even a comment on the code, but I do so love the prospect of writing something *I* (at least) find useful....

Think I need to look at Python too!


tek said...

Which license? I looked at them too but you're in a better position to connect the fucking thing to a network lol

guri / benguri said...

GPL dude :)

It should work on any network, there are just some issues with SIM interface right now...certain cards from certain manufacturers don't behave quite to spec.

Luckily I have access to: 32K and 64K SIM and can also try USIM (3G SIM) :-)

If all else fails I have a very pretty media player (with GSM capabilities).

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