Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Bit Tired

As Flo said to me just after 6 this evening and I couldn't agree more.

Just about managed to feel human by 11. Rosie dropped Flo off at 1 and we played in the garden for a bit and then went to the "party" in the park. Note quotation marks.

Actually it was pretty good. Flo manhandled dirty, broken toys being flogged off by the various church stalls declaring everything "mine" (I bought her a "rabbit" that looked like a Studio Ghibli character as it was about the cleanest thing there...turns out it's a Digimon!) .

A lady gave her a balloon (having called her a pretty boy), we bumped into a few neighbours and listened to a socialist choir (no dancing). I ate jerk chicken while Flo wasn't looking, she was too busy chucking stones into the stream with Mable (random child).

We watched a puppet show that ended with kids in the front row grabbing the puppets and chucking sticks at the puppet car (the theme was "the environment" naturally....truly lame, but Flo was transfixed and I couldn't help but join in with the audience participation). The puppeteer resorted to sticking some music on, hiding the puppets and sticking a bubble-machine on the "stage" was a truly awesome (or "orson" as Flo would say) piece of carnival...or party. Whatever.

She also reggae-marched (with waving hands) to a group of oat-based-clothing-wearing musicians playing penny-whistles, violins and a mandolin! I was laughing too hard to take a photo sorry.
And so to bed. Tomorrow I'm thinking we may go on a "bencha", weather permitting.

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