Monday, July 09, 2007

This is not a hint!

Do Want!

Specifically the $450 (sooo cheap with the quid = 2 dollar) developer version.

It's my birthday this month; I'm not expecting anything. I originally wanted some kitchen chairs...then I was thinking a new mattress (you don't want to know)...the loan of a van so I can clear the garden waste...A couple of extra days with Flo are in order with my week off so surely the only other thing I need is an open source, linux-based phone with a touch screen, AGPS, MicroSD, USB (Client and Host!!!), Bluetooth....agh!

I saw this a while ago and unfortunately it's been released just before my birthday!

Did I mention it's my birthday soon and I want one of these?

I may have to sell all extraneous electronic kit (anyone want any mobos, ram, hard-drives, an indoor helicopter, cat-5 cable, neodymium magnets or 3v button batteries?)....

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