Tuesday, July 10, 2007


...it can't be, I thought to myself.

Short Story: I "know" Comedy Dave!

Given that I only found out today, this is testament to:

  • I don't listen to Radion 1. Call me a fuddy-duddy but I prefer Radio 4...and Radio 2 sometimes...
  • I don't keep in touch with anyone I went to school with...
  • ...except recently (and in a similarly random fashion) my old mate Robin and I got back in touch
  • I'm crap at recognising names, faces, or voices
Longer Story: Back in the day (oh, the days....we're talking when I was 15-18....those oh so formative years) I played bass in a band called "Garden Party". Robin was in it too, playing keyboards, doing all the technical stuff (drum machines at one point I remember) and guitar.

As most teenage bands are wont to do a few members came and went, people swapped instruments and...well, it was like pretty much every "a few local gigs and massively hormonal" teenage band I've seen since...Drummers were hard to come by, but at one point we had a drummer called Dave for a rehearsal or two, but lack of a gig killed that "line up"...Dave and I were in a few classes together and he was a cool guy, so it was a shame...

...I digress; I was, for some reason, looking at the Wikipedia entry for one of the schools I went to (at the risk of digressing again it was an article on Bamberg that got me there) and while looking for my own name in the list of Notable Old Bedfordians (hahah, that would be a longshot....and is not one of my prouder moments*) I saw a few names I knew at school...The Cricketer, "Jakey Moon" (aka Dawn's boyfriend in The Office) and the Rugger-Bugger I knew about, but...that drummer I mentioned earlier...he's Comedy Dave?!

(no I'm not posh honest...see, Paddy Pantsdown went to my school too...and I met him...once)

*I got kicked out BTW

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