Monday, July 02, 2007

OK, that's enough rain now thanks!

Yeah. Boring aint it?

I realise I've not really posted much of note recently other than pictures and stuff. Deal! I'm very busy with work and actually have something of a social life right now. Couple that up with some DIY and helping a luvverly laydee sort out a PC and you don't get much leeway for blogging.

I promise something "meaty" soon...Am working on a "Rule The Web" type post for Rosie. In other news I now have Analytics running on this site, so yeah, I'm watching you....biotches!

Here's a couple of pics from the weekend.

Puddle Tubble....

I bought her a 99 (which was actually 120p) from a passing ice cream van....yes it was raining.

Painted the workstore (as it will be known)....Flo considers it to be "mine house".

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