Friday, June 30, 2006

Oh Dear Ben, Oh Dear....

So. Performance review today (I rock! But my people skills need work (who would have thunk?)).

I went up the allotment today (having already admitted to Dad that last time I went up there I couldn't find it and went home defeated) butyou don't want to hear about me finding the right shed, cutting the grass on the path to the shed, JP turning up with footie on the radio, and how I "showed him" how to dig over a 10 foot by 3 foot patch of slightly gone to weed which point we were about to head to the pub when Teh Allotment Dude turned up and pointed out we'd dug the wrong plot....the wrong way.

Yes. I am a ****. Especially with navigation.

Still, it was kind of amusing in a way. *And* it didn't matter coz we had not dug anything bad....and my actual plot already has 2 types of Gooseberry bush (super-sour and dessert), a redcurrant bush, spearmint (way too much spearmint....WAY too much), a nice stone-edged path (hidden by grass and the f*cking spearmint), a lovely little red-flowered plant called "Bristols Pride", a something-latin (looks mad and i've def seen one before), Oregano, Lemon Balm and a crazy palm-style thing slightly overgrown (like the rest of the patch)...lots of mad high grass and some brambly things.

I'm going up tomorrow (to the correct plot) and will take some pics!...and probably a scythe (or big blowtorch).

Thus, allotment-wise plans have changed though I have some seeds on order much of it may be delayed until next year while I get everything good and sorted. On the plus side, the berry-bushes are well established, the plot looks really good underneath all the weeds *and* my neighbour allotmenteer is really fit :)

Anyway, definitely owed JP a pint after that so off to the pub, which was rammed but as I scanned the crowd I noticed Flo on the floor...then Rosie, then Jen & Chris, then Es &! Spent a lovely hour or so playing with Flo and generally interacting then gave a super-tired Es a piggyback home, swabbed the chubster down and stuck her in her jimjams, Rosie sorted Es while I put her to bed with a bottle and that's that!

A most suprisingly good day today all round. And all because I said "No" to languishing in front of fartball on a Friday evening and getting out and doing something sweaty...OK, so I had 2 pints too :)

I actually started this post because I wanted to post a few links and pics of cool kids stuff I have found on the web recently (many of which I have already passed onto Maggie (good luck for the 4th!)). So here are the ones I can remember.

Parent Hacks
is a great source.
Some nice music....and NO Wiggles!
Babygadget is one of my new found faves...can't wait to get the Chubster some of these

Never thought I'd say this, but if you're stuck or something to buy me for my birthday on the 25th July then you would be hard-pressed to buy me anything better than this

Such a good site that....I'm already saving up to buy this!

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