Sunday, June 18, 2006

My First Fathers Day

Dunno if that should have an apostrophe in there or not....Dont care. I should have taken more (and different) photos today also, but I forgot....I'm saving up the best ones for later (namely 'the first boyfriend' thing...nothing like naked baby ass to embarass all in that sitch!)

So. Today was my first ever Fathers Day (still don't care too much about the apostrophe), and it was nice. Started badly as I was very thyroidal this morning; lethargic, cold-sweaty and a bit bloated in the head...but that was soon sorted. Food, water and some more of these funky seaweed tablets (more on them another time).

Picked "The Chubster" up at 10 and because she'd only just woken up we had a gentle introduction to the day with a walk to the farm, saw the rapidly-growing lambs (they have mini horns now and try to nibble the front of the buggy (and Lil's hands if not careful)), fat pigs, a huge black dog and the most comedy ducks in the world...Then a quick sprint to Tesco and home to play.

Yesterday my living room floor looked like this.

And following a clear up and a baby-wee on the sofa (hence the throw hanging over the door) it looked like this.

BTW, those flip-flops suck. And I lost one this afternoon to boot (ha hahahah so to speak).

The kitchen was good because the cool lino soothes the nappy-rashed bum...yes, I made sure there were no crumbs on the floor (though she did find something anyway...she ate it...not dead....not too worried). It looks like this.

Then off into town for some International Dance Festival..that quite frankly was neither festival, dance nor international, except Nepalese food for Daddy while Lil slept, some Rap when she woke up and then up Park Street...bumped into a few people on the way to The Caff where we stopped for a bottle of milk and a bottle of beer. :-)

Then a dawdle back home, a quick go on the swings and back home to mummy.

A wonderful day....and I got a very cool card from Lil (ok, Rosie) with feetprints and a nice message inside.

Next year: Running, Jumping, Shouting......can't wait! :-)

Finally, the Protect-A-Bub roolz! Not only a great sunshade, but also a nice dark cave for long sleeps ;-)

[no that is not where i bought it from]

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