Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Procrastination 101

I came up with this idea. You'll love it!

It's fucking awesome...but I strongly suspect (there's negative for yer) I'll never get round to even starting it:

  • Beagleboard connected to a webcam and the Neo over usb
  • 32Gb SD storage
  • Neo acts as input device (keyboard, which could be customisable based on function...qwerty, "ipod mode", browser, etc)
  • Neo can also do GSM Modem, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS?
  • Visual output (DVI btw!) to either LCD or "wearable display"
  • Beagle's got audio in and stereo jacks so why not Voip too?
  • I have this novelty "strap to a finger" mouse...
  • Those car cigarette lighter adapters are nifty for power smoothing...
  • ...old laptop battery...

Then I went a bit overboard dreaming up a wearable computer with some kind of Minority Report style real-time desktop overlay HUD (imagine you can see a brilliant conky/enigma style desktop wherever you look....but your desktop background is provided by your webcam!), gesture recognition (I already have a "mouse" you can strap to a finger) and integration with Google Maps (GPS for walkers FTW!), Facebook (facial/friend recognition, photos), Twitter ("@shitsack am walking...oh hai!") etc....Srsly, this is gonna be fucking brilliant!

Then I woke up.

Realised I have 60% of the components, probably 10% of the know-how, 90% of the desire, 2% of the gumption, and....no. Maybe not. I believe the military are doing this :)

One day though. One day...you'll see me walking down the street wearing a ridiculous attachment to my glasses, tapping randomly on a screen attached to my right sleeve, while seemingly talking to nobody, nodding randomly and muttering under my breath. I may, or may not, acknowledge you...

I hereby name this project: Black Coffee Dave.*

* He won't let me take his photo because he is still convinced I have something to do with "the government"**

** To those who don't know him, BCD believes that aliens have, and still do, visit our planet, that they run many of our institutions, that there are friendly "spirits" (of which he is in touch with the only current one on Earth). He is also, apparently, able to influence those barriers you see in multi-storey car parks because "he has a 3rd eye on his hand that affects infra-red"....I don't know where to stop with this...***

*** He has personally told me that he has a self-made tin-foil hat and that mobiles do not work if he uses them because he is overly electromagnetic.

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