Monday, February 25, 2008

Long Time No Sea

Heh... The tide's been out on posts for a while...what can I say? I've been busy office-wise, life-wise and what-wise...

Flo and I ventured to deepest, darkest Devon for the weekend to visit Granny Jan and Grandad....Flo was expecting cake at each stage of the journey, was not sick "inna your car got glasses...random random random...."

Waiting at Exeter station for Grandad...

I chased Flo like a Lion!

She sells sea shells...

Far far away.....Granny Jan and Flo in the distance (I went for a piss behind a fishing boat)...

The Adventurer

A bath was required after all that fresh air.

Looking for the cat...a scaredy cat (see the video below)

On the train home..."I give the ticket to the train man?"

We got back to mine and she was asleep in the buggy, so I hoisted her out and we snoozed on the sofa while The Fall of The Roman Empire whispered away in the background.

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