Friday, February 15, 2008

Can I Have An Egg With That?

Finally, I'm pretty certain I know what/why/how a "flame" least enough for me to stop reading Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman (if anything's a god it's them)...for a while. want to know?

Basically, Carbon and Oxygen love each other so much that they [atoms] smash together whenever they get close (because they get excited by energy...that's a whole new kettle of monkeys) and that's giving off photons etc...while producing Carbon Monoxide, which (and I love this) can happen at the same time as hooking up with a second Oxygen atom...which causes an even bigger "bang".

Yay Carbon!

But wait...there's more: Is it plasma?

Ah, who gives a fuck...I've developed some kind of (unwanted) ability to generate work for myself...drat those pesky frogs!

And marketing types...

Have a good weekend!

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