Monday, February 04, 2008

20 Years

I didn't get a chance to watch the Wales v England game on Saturday. But I did have a small tear in my eye when I heard the result on the 10 o'clock news...I remember watching the game 20 years ago, the last time Wales beat them at Twickenham, with my grandad.

Naturally, I was in buoyant mood on Sunday...and despit the cold we did many many interesting things. A photo essay (of sorts) follows....

The Horse Man Statue

I touch it?

"It's cold!"

Waiting for the Museum to open

Running around to keep warm

Looking at the aeroplane...and the people

Eating blueberries...I came back from the kitchen to see that she had put her money in the trolley. Apparently the trolley was watching the Iron Giant on TV...I asked for a blueberry and after she had hunted out the smallest one she passed it to me with the words: "Here's your little one". Bless!

This is some crazy-ass machine that plays various buddhist chants...or songs as Flo calls them

And we played with the trains too...

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