Sunday, January 18, 2015

Artist's Statement

With a background in high-technology industries Ben first sought expression for his art in robotics and kinetic structures.

Ultimately, the results were frustrating; failing to capture the purpose of his work, expressing the permanence of the concept defined. They provided only contrived solutions to problems rather than the expression of ideas.

Early graphic works reflected the search for a simple technique that captured the spirit of his intent. Acrylics, pastel and inks etc were individual building blocks of an approach that moved him ever further away from this Constructivism.

More recently, by exploiting the subtle effects of mixed media Ben has found the means of expressing the concepts that motivate his work. Colours give shape to form and tones give depth to the images in work that is often elemental in expression. Simple ideas are conveyed with a powerful, sometimes complex but always challenging technique.

Combining elements of Tachisme,"found" images, and classical expressionism this exhibition provides an honest story of an artist's journey.

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