Monday, January 05, 2009

Why, hello there!

Happy New Year (or as Flo said: "Happy New Zealand")...

I can't be arsed to write much about Xmas etc, it's all a bit historical now and besides I was struck down with a cold yesterday...great!

I'm also tinkering around with a new netbook configuration (which, for now is codenamed "Tinx")...and I bought a Beagle Board (google is your friend remember) which I'll be experimenting with this year....until I get round to buying me a 32Gb iPod Touch (yes, I know).

So I introduced Flo to one of my "tastes of childhood" this weekend. Bacon sandwhiches with a cup of tea...

...and Flo wanted to show you her puzzles (which, by the way, she is fucking excellent at)...


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