Monday, August 04, 2008

Who'd a thunk it?

A "creationist zoo" can be fun!

On Saturday Ian and I took Ez and Flo to "Noah's Ark Farm Zoo Thing With Barns and Creationism". It was, quite frankly, better than Bristol Zoo! Ez's favourite is Gerald the Giraffe, while Flo (and I) liked the (incredibly noisy) Whooping Gibbons. Ian did most of the animal photography, while I captured some of the activity in the "Hay Barn".

It's a wicked day out as long as your anger lobes can handle things like the poster that compares the "Evolution of Transport" to the "Evolution of Life on Earth" (yeah, fuckheads that'll work!).

After a lot of running around getting hot and grumpy Ian dropped the girls and me back at mine. Ez wanted to stay for a bit, so after clearing it with Teh Mumma, I made it so. We had dinner and then she went home while Flo stayed the night.

At this point I would like you to compare the result of saying "You can eat your puddings any way you like!"



On Sunday morning (after Flo went back to her mums) while cooking a huge pot of brocolli soup I could hear the strains of lump-hammer on concrete, industrious digging and children shrieking emanating from Rosie's place...rather than fill her tiny back garden with more bodies I offered to take the kids for the afternoon.

We had an awesome time in the park. I was a robot, the girls screamed and ran.

Then it was back to mine for some juice and a sit down. I tried to get them to watch Tron but there were too many questions! Flo fell asleep and I instructed Ez on the finer points of feeding Moshi and then we played some "music" (read: made hideous noises with guitar and piano).

Apologies to Bucky for not attending "Sacre Bleu" can post that video of me "dancing" now if you like dude. Heh.

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